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Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 25.02.2006:

This Week in Palestine

February 2005


Daughter and seedless orange

Curtain, musty and


old weathering lace on

withered lattice

Grey woman like rotting wood

woodlice infected

festering muttering

I am sick of life and

life is sick of me

Yaffa is a heroin bottle

Red roofs blanched peroxide clean

anaesthetised, nothing but the bully’s knife

Stucco falling off the unauthentic

addressee, dog walker on slippery soil

Prodigal, someone else’s key

Brideless seedless loveless

Visage, flimsy and weak

Every minaret looks down at her

steeple shakes its silver brick


Sands left unturned and every

barnacle knows its coat is rumour of


empty trip

Hope is somewhere else

She is a sad old fish

no grey eyed Athena

She is smog

dense dark

Fish restaurant

in a salty sea

Mary Geday

December 2004

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