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Where are the Daueds?

Contributed by Richard Soudah on 03.12.2008:

My mother was born Daued and as a child live in the Ras F’teis street close to the “Rahbat Ilwardieh”. She had some family there and one cousin well-off enough to build what came to be called The David Building, close to the railway station in west Jerusalem. Later this family moved to Bethlehem and live in the D’heisheh street. they ahd a daughter Paula, probably born around 1925. Do you know of any Daueds left ther or anywhere else? Richard Soudah


Arab Educational Institute

on 07.12.2008

Daued’s family were our neighbors in Deheisheh St.
They sold their properties and left long time ago to Kuwait. Upon the
arrival of the Palestinian Authority one member of the family was appointed
Director at Cairo Amman Bank. After the deterioration of the political and
the economic situation he left again.


Elias Abu Akleh