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Wedding Trills

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 28.01.2007:

Trills are a method of expressing joy. They are chanted on several occasions such as weddings, the return of emigrants from their diasporas and the roofing of houses. Some of the most widespread wedding songs and trills are included here.

Some of the most widespread trills are given here. They are characterized by an overpowering passion and strength of expression.

1- A-yee Thank God; my heart was patient and did not fail.

A- yee The rope of estrangement has loosened after its tautness.

A- yee By the life of Him to Whom the night stars are explained.

A- yee My heart has been anxiously waiting for this day.

2- A- yee Oh, young man (So-and-So); Oh (you are like) my sleeve full of pomegranates.

A- yee I turn to the Lord of the sky, so that God may grant you sons.

A- yee I turn to the Lord of the sky, so that you may see them in the house.

3- A-yee May God be with you (the bride), may God be with you.

A-yee Weeping is not going to do you any good.

A-yee If your father’s home contains a nail, A-yee Pull it out and take it with you.

4- A-yee You are welcome, you dearest darlings,

A-yee Your dinner of grilled meat balls (kabab) is at our house.

A-yee As it is evening, may you have a good evening.

A-yee You have intended (marriage) to be performed, so may God render you happy.

5- A-yee Oh, guests, you have visited us. A-yee You have honored and entertained us.

A-yee If God desires you will have your children betrothed and married.

A-yee So that we will visit you as you have visited us.

6- A-yee I surround you by God once,

A-yee Secondly I surround you twice,

A-yee I surround you the third time by the Virgin Mary

A-yee so that she-will ward off the evil eye.

7- A-yee Oh, groom, groom, do not feel sorry for the money (you have spent on your marriage).

A-yee Your bride’s eyebrows are like two lines drawn by a pencil.

A-yee Your bride’s eyebrows are like two bent arches.

A-yee She excels in her worth her town’s girls by a 100%.

8- A-yee Oh, welcome my beloved ones,

Oh Two hundred bottles of rouge,

A-yee, May she who is not glad for your visit, break like the breaking of bottles.

9- A-yee, Oh, you the bride’s mother,

Oh, you queen; Oh, you are like pearls in a net;

A-yee May God prolong your life; and call a blessing on us.

A,-yee May she (the bride) be blessed seven blessings,

A,-yee As Christ had blessed the seven loaves.

10- A, yee You should look for the maternal uncle’s maternal uncle (of the prospective bride), if you seek to rise high.

A,-yee Seek (a bride) well and do not marry the daughters of the infamous.

A-yee You should seek her (aunt’s) parental and maternal aunts who are diamond stars.

11- A-yee Oh, So-and-So,

Oh, the blossom of mastic; wherever it moves, it can lean (comfortably).

A-yee He (the groom) is light on the horse saddle but heavy on the necks of enemies.

12- A-yee We are the daughters of (So-and-So); we are like two apples on a stick (name of a sweet).

A-yee The spirit of every young man who sees us, returns to


A-yee We are pretty and sweet though we may be dark and


13- A-yee Oh you are a string of pearls whose needle I threaded at the Church of the Nativity ;

Oh, My dear son, I have sought him from God.

Aryee Oh you are a string of pearls whose needle I threaded at

the Church of the Nativity;

Oh, My tender – hearted son, I have begged him from my God.

A-yee, Oh, you are a string of pearls which I stretched at the

Church of the Nativity; (So-and-So) is an only son, may God

flourish his home (by granting him male children).

14- A,- yee, Oh, Saint Elias, I will light your church, if the absentees return safe and sound.

A,-yee, Oh, Prophet Elias, I will present you an offering, if our absentees return safe and sound.

15- A-yee, You are as tall as the lance; and the neck is inclined.

A, – yee, The waist because of its tenderness overpowers the

mighty and might.

Ar yee, Oh, you sleep till forenoon, remember there is night.

A-yee, (So-and-So) has hunted the female gazelle, the focus of


16- A-yee, We are the Christians with candles in our hands; we have prayed to Saint George and Al-Khadr’s (St. George’s) Church.

A-yee, Oh, the Green Khadr, Oh, Prophet David, May God protect you from the eye of the envious.

A-yee, Oh, the Green Khadr, Oh, Prophet Elias protect my children from people’s eyes.

Source:”Bethlehem, The Immortal Town” by Giries Elali.

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