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Vatche’s Garden and Restaurant

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.02.2007:

Grand Park Street

Al-Masyoun, Ramallah

Tel. 02-296 5966

Open daily from 12 noon till midnight

Vatche’s Garden and Restaurant in Ramallah is a trendy establishment and is, not surprisingly, popular among local residents. The loungy vibe and Euro ambience in one room, the casual café atmosphere in another, and the lovely pool garden area make it a sure hit.

The starters menu consists of soup of the day, salads (Greek, Tabouleh, Fatoush and Arabic mezze), hot mezze (kubbeh, sambusek, Arab-style meat pizza), nachos, chicken nuggets, wings, fried jumbo shrimps, onion rings and calamari. For main dishes you can go three ways: you can go for pizza (margherita or four seasons), sandwiches (steak, chicken, cheese) or meats (fillet, shish taouk, kebab). Finally, for dessert chocolate cake and cheesecake are on offer.

The food is tasty and portions are generous at Vatche’s. However, the way the restaurant is laid out is what attracts. The venue is separated into three parts: a casual café style room, a lounge bar and an outdoor pool side garden which is used in summer only. The café and the garden are quite laid-back but it’s the lounge room that is appealing. From the moment you step inside the curved glass corridor, you feel like you are part of something exclusive.

Upon entering, guests are engulfed in the warm dark wood of the room, where every wall is covered with stylish accents that vary from old photos to modern oil paintings. The eclectic décor is living-room style, with cushy chairs in many sizes, wood tables that accentuate the room’s wine-red and yellow coloured walls. The soft glow that comes through the windows helps create the space’s chilled-out atmosphere, along with the dim lighting provided by the gold-coloured side lamps. The magic touch is provided by the corner chimney that adds warmth to the room. Such is the sense of relief and otherworldly escape provided by this effortlessly stylish room.

This venue is a favourite with the locals not only for its food but its reputable arguile, and with good reason. Whether you go to Vatche’s for business or pleasure, you’ll find that the space always shimmers with class, and your night, beyond the reach of the daily grind, will never be anything less than transporting.

This Week in Palestine

February 2007

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