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Unexplained Silence (A Poem By Samah Kalakh)

Contributed by Samah Kalakh on 02.01.2007:

I remember the words you used to say You’ll never leave along the way I thought you were unbreakable You seemed to me, invincible!Tell me why I can’t understand For me, you can’t make a stand Your stillness kills me deep inside And part of me has forever diedWhat’s wrong with you my dear brother? To rescue me, you haven’t bothered! The hurt and pain and so much violence You’re standing still choosing silenceI thought you’d stand up for what’s right But you ran away in the middle of the fight You numbed your soul from this day on You chose the night over the dawnI’m on my on, but I’m still strong I know my road might be long I won’t give up, I won’t give in I know I’m winning in the endSamah Kalakh

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