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To Mar Saba: a poem

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 24.05.2006:

1. I long to see the shrines and graves

My soul journeys with the monks

Shrouded by the silence of the night

and the wonder of prayer!

2. The Monastery remains, the “towers”

remain, gracefully facing the sky.

Our eyes gaze, our memories go

back to the ancient history.

3. Ancient is your history, Mar Saba,

uniting the present with the past

“They remember you, looking at

you lain in your beautiful coffin.”

4. The skulls remain, whispering,

praying, challenging.

The Soul of God their creator, hovers

hovers around the deserted Monastery

blessing the prayer of his monks

Kissing the earth which carries

their bodies.

5. My soul longs to see you,

to see them,

Promising to go back, to God,

to mysticism.

New York 22/7/1975

George Rishmawi

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