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The White Flag

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 28.01.2007:

One of the old customs still observed is the hoisting of a white banner (or flag) on roof tops on certain occasions.

When peace (sulh) is concluded between two adversaries according to tribal customs, the “jahah”, a group of dignitaries who had striven to conclude the peace, will permit the party of aggressors to hoist white banners on their roofs upon the return of the jahah and the conclusion of the peace ceremonies, as a token of the coming of peace.

The owner of a new building may hoist on his house a white banner when the building is completed, as an indication of the owner’s relief from the financial distress to which he was exposed when erecting the building as “building a house is catastrophic.” A white banner is also hoisted when a person is acquitted of false and slanderous accusation. The white banner signifies that the person has retrieved his honor.

Source:”Bethlehem, The Immortal Town” by Giries Elali.

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