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The wasps

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 24.05.2006:

A long time ago one of the invaders of Palestine persecuted the Christians; some of them were banished, some were killed and their churches were defamed. The leader of the invaders ordered his men to enter the Church of Nativity, loot all its treasures, and destroy it. When his soldiers entered this holy site and tried to steal all precious things in it, all of a sudden large numbers of wasps came out of the five holes of one of the pillars of the Church and attacked the soldiers harshly and ferociously and started to sting them. They were forced to retreat from the Church but the wasps continued to run after them until they reached a place called Qaws Al-Zararah where the soldiers were encircled and besieged. This narrow location was later called after the incident. Some of the soldiers escaped and the wasps ran after them until they reached another place called Ras Iftas. This road is still named after this place where the remnants of the army died because of the wasps.

The people of Bethlehem took the corpses of the soldiers and buried them in a distant part of the town called Al-Qarkafah. This is an Aramaic name which means the cemetery of the dead or the skulls. When the ruler heard of these two miracles of the Church he ordered his men to halt the attack, stop persecuting the Christians, leave their churches and allow them to come back to Bethlehem.

Source: unknown

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