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The Truth- Poem By Samah Kalakh

Contributed by Samah Kalakh on 04.12.2006:

Unbreakable spirits, glorious history Freely breathing liberty Undying visions, everlasting dreams Eternally yearning victoryStanding beneath the sun, framed against the sky With eyes that couldn’t hide The burning passion and the deeper desire For reaching the stars and even higherUnder the olive tree, he sat quietly In the heat of the sun, seeds were sowed by hands Where time has drawn a map of memories Under the olive tree, the safest place to beUnderneath the moonlight, staring silently At dove that hovered peacefully Above the dreams he sowed secretly An age of hope is starting finallyWaiting for the sunrise, watching the twilight Everyday the leafs has grown toward the sun Upon the wings of the dove Tomorrow’s wishes headed for the skyThen one day, the dove was out of sight And wrong took over what was right, A day in May, it had slipped away Last breath of peace, the start of miseryHe yelled out his heart, they looked away He lifted his had in a silent prayer The midnight journey and death on a cross They were forgotten, and he was lostHis olive tree, can’t call his own no more The roof above his dreams, is now a tent An immigrant in his own land He found it hard to understandPlease dad can you answer me Tell me please, will we ever be free? Fairness, right and liberty Is nothing more than a distant memoryImperfect world, no trace of humanity When theft of identity is someone’s reality Homecoming is a dream while justice is on vacation How can we be saved in a heavy-eyed nation?Don’t worry son, soon we’ll be free That’s what is says in scriptures and prophecies How long is soon, please tell me father Unheard cries to a so called brother!Only for God we’re never voiceless To believe in humans is something useless When God is by you, you’re always strong When you wait for God it’s never too longThe summer is gone, so is fall Never-ending faith, still standing tall One year is gone, his dreams on hold For he believed what he was toldSleepless tonight for one more dream No matter how far it may seem Under shining stars and ordinary moonlight The little young boy has learned to writeIt’s been too long, so many years No more can tell hopes from fears Brothers hectic, so busy with nothing Do retardates care what tomorrow brings?Another year, little houses built He couldn’t justify the way he felt No longer in a tent, this will last He’s still yet not over the pastSomehow he’s now the real invader There are no friends, there’s only haters Outside his window, stood a soldier “This is my home, it’s not the border!”His land was real, now it’s a promise spoken In a perfect world promises are never broken The thieves once were given a word The word is a land, what a twisted worldHe made it through, though the confiscations Never defeated by restraint or frustration Faith, Fe, or call it Iman Deep in his heart he knew, only God canThrough the torture and the fear Along the way never shed a tear But that has changed in a moonless night Shadows of a wall appeared to sightSilent tears were never seen What happened to the line they called Green A tear or two are finally free Once again he’s on his kneesHe left his head to finally see He wondered how this could be. The dove he knew was shot to death No more beat and no more breathThe olive tree is dead long ago No more sun for leafs to grow No matter how deep the roots have gone The thirst lingered, but he’s hanging onGod give me truth Please take this off of me

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