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The Museum of the History of Bethlehem:

Contributed by Bethlehem Arab Women's Union on 15.10.2006:

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This museum, housed in a modern building on the Jerusalem Hebron road opposite the Jacir’s Palace Hotel, is going to be specialized in the history of Bethlehem and its people.

It comprises:

– an Exhibition Gallery

– an Archeological site, as it is built on a Roman Aqueduct

– a permanent Exhibition room

– a meeting room

– a Cafeteria

– and a Gift Shop.

This was started in 1984, but lack of funds we could finish only the structure. It is of one thousand square meters of surface. In the year 2000, with the support of the UNDP, Ministry of Culture and the financial help of the Government of Japan, we could achieve the first phase of the Museum, which is the Exhibition Hall

The opening was on the 21St of July year 2000. In presence of her Excellency Misako Konno, Ambassador of Goodwill to the Government of Japan, the Ministry of Culture and the Representatives of UNDP.

This Exhibition had sixty engravings on Bethlehem from the 16th Century until Today, Wood Engraving, Copper and Steel Engravings, Water-Colors etc. A film, representing Bethlehem and its people from the 17th Century, was available on a Video all through the Exhibition which lasted for ten days. The Engravings were on loan from the private Collection of the Sansur Company, represented by their son Munir, who is the Collector and an Expert. They belong to one of the old families of Bethlehem. We are very grateful to them.

The Gallery is complete, except for heating, air-conditioning and the fire alarm and the alarm systems. The installations are done. We only need the machines and the financial means.

We shall be grateful for any help we may receive , for Bethlehem is taking this kind of Cultural Centers, which is unique for Bethlehem. Anybody interested can send us documents or past Events or Photographs concerning Bethlehem up till the 1940. We hope to start as soon as possible Any donation will be highly appreciated.

Contact Information

The Arab Women’s Union

P. 0. Box 19 – Bethlehem

Tel. 2742589 – 2742453 – Fax 2766035


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