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The Land Warden

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 23.01.2007:

Among the observed traditions during the season of figs and grapes was that children would guard the vineyards. Their fathers would erect sheds for them to sit in during their vigil. In the large vineyards the peasant would build a watch tower or a “castle”, cylindrically shaped about three meters high and with a diameter of three meters. On the top of this watch tower, he would build a shed made of firewood, so that the land warden would be able to watch his entire vineyard as well as the neighboring vineyards.

During the olive season in particular, land owners of olive trees often agree to appoint land wardens to wander in the fields and watch the trees, thereby preventing any trespassing.

The Municipalities of the District participate in the appointment of land wardens and pay their salaries.

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