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The hungry Badawy

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 17.03.2006:

Once a fellah and a Badawy met together. Good food was spread for them on a low table. The Badawy asked: “What do you bring for the bride, O fellah?”

The fellah said: “We bring all the clothes that are needed, the bridal dress (el malak), the black head veil (el-shunbur), the red woollen belt (elhizam), the velvet jacket with gold thread work, (el-taqseer min mukhmal bil-qusu), the silver bracelets (el asawir) and the silver chin chain (zinaq), and European shoes (qunduruh).

While the fellah told of all these things, the Badawy ate the best of the food.

“And you,” said the fellah, “What do you bring for the bride?”

A face veil, a head veil, a dress and a cloak” (Burqu, ‘iwqah, thoab w ‘abah).

The fellah looked at the table. All the best food was gone.

The Badawy laughed at the fellah’s beard, as the saying is (zuhuk ‘ala lihtah), i.e. he made a fool of him.

Source: Arab Folk Stories from Artas.

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