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The epitome of our culture( A cry for unity and love)

Contributed by Olivia Azat on 28.10.2007:

I am a palestinian born in Ramallah in 1953, migrated to the U.S. in 1966. Lived most of my life in the U.S. but I can’t seem to get the palestinian heart or culture out of my life. I feel that our culture is the richest and most beautiful culture, I remember our Honor system, where buying a peice of land was done with a handshake, where a man’s word was his honor, were people loved and respected one another, were, wherever you went, you felt at home, whether it is at a nighbor’s home, or friends, or people you saw in the street, whether in Ramallah or the surrounding areas, people cared, you always were welcomed with a smile. I miss the brotherhood of man that we had and shared, we did not differentiate in our love for one another , whether we were christians or muslims. It was a sense of family, those are the days I miss and treasure for the rest of my life, that is what culture is all about , bieng family and caring. bieng honest, and treat everyone with respect. recently I joined an online site to get closer to my family in palestine, I communicate with people on a daily basis. My country has gone to shambles, where dignity of men is being trampled upon by israel and the U.S. where man is treated as an object of redicule, I feel ashamed that we allowed the suffering to go on, by allowing israel, america, and the different political factions to tear us apart, and turn in our brothers and sisters for a few shakels to feed our families. where brother turns against brother. where has our love , dignity and honor gone to. we need to capture and bring back that love, we need to work togather, help one another when we stumble, stand united in front of all adversities , if we are ever going to win and bring back the dignity and honor to our people. we are all God’s children. whether we are muslims or christians. remember the bible and the koraan teach us that God is love, please practice that love to your brothers and sisters and let us stand united. that is the only way we can presevere.May God bless you all and guide us all to better love and understanding.

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