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The Eastern Airways Company Ltd.

Contributed by Nasif Masad on 22.02.2008:

The Eastern Airways Company Ltd. The Nominal Capital was 100,000 Palestinian Pounds While the Registered Capital of the Company was 73,750 Palestinian Pounds President: Costandi Salameh Vice President Haj Abdelrahim El Tamimi Shukri Deeb &Sons Ltd. Orient Financial Investment Company Ltd. Charl Botagi Company Ltd. Fayez Muhtadi Samo’el Fargallah Contracting and Commerce Company Ltd. El Masri Company & Associates Ltd. Dr. Izzat Tannous Falaha Brothers Company Ltd Sadiq As’ad Shibli Bsharat Wafa el Digani Manager: Fuad Saleh Saba B.T Banks Arab Bank – Arab Nation Bank Headquarter: Torah Society Building 24 Tancrid- El Quds Pob577 Phone 3295 Original Content Creator: Nasif Masad

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