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The Burak Fort near Artas

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 25.02.2006:

The next few photos explore the importance of the architectural and archeological traces in the Artas area in the history and folklore of the village.The fort and the Solomon Pools are inextricable from the history of Artas. The villagers were exempt from taxes in Ottoman times in return for guarding the pools which supplied Jerusalem with water. Each extended family in Artas has a tower named after it in this sixteenth century fort near the Solomon’s Pools. They lived in it for extended periods in times of trouble, such as in the last of the seven massacres of Artas from which they emerged in the mid-nineteenth Century. The fortress and the pools have been leased by the Waqf to the Solomon’s Pools Resort under construction. Original Content Creator: Leyla Zuaiter

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