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The Artas Lettuce Festival 2007 in a Lettuce Leaf

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 08.06.2007:

The Artas Valley became a giant salad bowl during the four-day Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival which took place April 12-15, 2007. To the lettuce in the hothouses were added peppery poetry, a zest of zajjel and a lot more than a dash of debka, and, yes some salt in the wounds alluded to in the dramatic performances. To help digest their meal, the guests sauntered around the exhibits, hiked or even planted trees. Begin your exploration of the Lettuce Festival below. Please note that the graphics and design of printed festival materials do not appear in these text-only versions.Invitation, General Program, and Map: (The text of invitation with the preliminary program.)Final Festival Program (as of press time): (The text of the program handed out at the Lettuce Festival.)Festival Guide and Keepsake: (The history and significance of the Lettuce Festival with a detailed description of each activity and exhibit, handed out at the Lettuce Festival.)The Festival in Words and Photos: (A brief article/summary about this year’s festival. An introduction to the photo-essay that follows.)Photo Essay: (Selected photos with detailed captions allowing a small taste of the festival and with glimpses of Artas and the the work of the Artas Folklore Center.)Media Coverage: (A round-up of print and electronic media offerings about this year’s Lettuce Festival.)Organized by the Artas Folklore Center in Cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of CultureFunders: The Palestinian Ministry of Culture and (in alphabetical order): Danish Representative to the Palestinian Authority * Hamed Qawasmeh * French Consulate * Jerusalem District Electric Company * Swiss Agency for Development CooperationPartners and Participants: (in alphabetical order): Abu Hadid, Rababa * AEI-Open Windows Drama Troupe, Bethlehem * Al Ain Theater, Artas Folklore Center, Artas * Arab Educational Institute (AEI), Bethlehem * Artas Folklore Center, Girls Club * Amanallah Ayesh, poet * Amjad Folklore Troupe, Markaz Khaima, Dehaisheh Refugee Camp * Artas Women’s Group * Ashtar Theater, Ramallah * *Birzeit Ethnographic Museum, Bir Zeit * Center for Jerusalem Studies/ Al Quds University, Jerusalem * Ferdous Girls School, Artas * Hanna Giacaman Memorial Foundation * Hussain Abu Agamiyeh, poet * Hussan Center for Popular Arts Folklore Troupe, Hussan * Jafra Folklore Troupe, Artas Folklore Center * Markaz Khaimeh, Dehaisheh Refugee Camp * Nidal Fahmy Ayesh *Kazar Folklore Troupe, Beit Sahour * Palestine Agency for Food and Agriculture, (PAFA) Ramallah* Palestine Exploration Fund, London * * Palestine Wildlife Society, Beit Sahour * Shat-ha Hiking Group, Ramallah * Sunrise Breast Cancer Survivor’s Group, Patients Friends Society, Jerusalem * Surif Folklore Troupe * Uzbeq Cultural Center, Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem * Tantoura Puppet Theater, Hebron * Turkish Cultural Center, Jerusalem * Yasmeen Al Khaimeh, Markaz Khaima, Dehaisheh Refugee Camp * Yussef Abdel Kareem Ismail, Olivewood, Zajjel Duo Muthanna Jalmawi and Najib Fadri, JeninContestants in Paintbrush Competition: Anan Zarba, Nablus * Baha Ahmad Ayesh, Artas/Bethlehem * Diana Shaer Sheiyeh * Nablus (Tied for Third Place)* Ibrahim Khamaiseh, Jenin * Jamal Hussein Abu Nadi, Jenin Refugee Camp (Second Place) Jamal Nazar al Bahri * Tulkarem (Tied for First Place)* Marwa Ghazi Annajar, Nablus (Tied for First Place) * Mohammed Bassem Shaban, Al Jamla, Jenin, Fifth Place) Mohammed Sherif Mohammed Abid, Araba, Jenin (Fourth Place) * Muna Alhaj Ibrahim, Ramallah * Nahed Fahkri Abu Lawi, Nablus (Tied for Second Place) * Najla Fathi Qadan, Al Jamla, Jenin * * Tahrir Abdel Latif Rahhal, Saliyet Al Thaher, Jenin * Ramzi Jamal Abu Sway, Artas/ Bethlehem *Trayeh Amin Musa Arar, Salfit (Tied for Third Place)* Wael Mohammed Abu Yabes, Dehaisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem * Wajdan, Sahab, JerusalemFeatured Sponsors: Arab Hotel Association, Commercial Press/Jerusalem, Garo Studio/Jerusalem, World of Art Framers/Jerusalem, www.visitpalestine.psWith special thanks to: Artas Rural Students Group * Artas Village Council* Artas Women’s Group* Artas Volunteer Cleaning Committee *Bashar Barghouti* Bethlehem Hotel*Bethlehem District Police*Charlotte Bardsley* Holy Land Trust * James Prineas* Maha Saca * Moderators Hamzeh Amanallah Ayesh and Ghadeer OdehAnd to the many others who offered moral or material support and lent a hand along the way.There’s lots more going on in Artas and at the Artas Folklore Center than the Lettuce Festival, so check out our subsite or from the navigation pane at left, select “Our Partners” and then “Artas Folklore Center.”P.O Box 764 Bethlehem Telefax: 02 2760533 Email: Original Content Creator: Artas Folklore Center

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