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Test Your Artas I. Q.

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 03.04.2012:

Artas Folklore Center’s Artas Challenge Quiz [[picture:”.” ID:186]]

Think you know all there is to know about Artas? Take the Artas Challenge Quiz and find out!

1. What event so embarrassed an Artas schoolteacher that he dedicated the remainder of his life to collecting, preserving and promoting the rich heritage of his village?

2. Why is it said that Artas is a meeting place of ecosystems?

3. A member of the royalty of which country once owned land in Artas?

4. What are the earliest remains of civilization found in Artas?

5. Which cities and villages have been traditionally linked to the underground watersystem of the Solomon’s Pools.

6. Name two factors which make Artas particularly attractive to jinn.

7. Nineteenth century photographs show the Solomon’s Pools in a parched landscape? Who is responsible for the pine groves that are found there?

8. Can you name at least two people in whose diaries and memoirs Artas figures?

9. What is the name for the type of “folklore” exemplified by the traditional Artas greeting?

10. Name at least two Palestinians who researched the folklore of Artas.

11. How many foreign women have resided or researched in Artas since 1850 and what are their nationalities?

12. Which ancient city is found in a hill in Artas?

13. Why was Artas exempt from taxes during the Ottoman period?

14. Which researcher wrote a set of five monographs documenting the life of Artas villagers from cradle to grave?

15. Where does Artas get its name?

Bonus Question: How many answers to these questions can you find on

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