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Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 02.05.2008:

In less than two weeks time Israel will be celebrating its 6oth anniversary, this day carries an entirely deferent meaning to millions of the Palestinian people around the world, for them it’s 6o years since they’ve had to flee Palestine.60 years ago my grandmother, carrying my mum – a toddler then – on her arm, crossed the river Jordan thinking she’ll be back home in a few weeks. She was never to be allowed back.Now, I’m not someone that likes to live in the past, nor do I expect the clock to wind back 60 years, but I think my grandmother has the right to return, and I think the world owes her at least one day in 60 years to hear her story.So, I’m going to set on a bench in Martin place Sydney and tell her story.I invite every Palestinian around the world to do the same – replicate this campaign in their city, tell your story or your parents’.What can you do to help?a) If you’re Palestinian and would like to replicate this campaign in your city: Visit Boukra website at to get an idea of how to participate – it’s simple and can be done in time for the 14th of May.b) If you’re not Palestinian but you know someone who is: forward this email to them.c) If you’re not interested in this campaign but would like to get more news from us about future campaigns: register thanks,The Boukra Team For more info:

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