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Taboo Café & Bar, Beit Jala

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 12.02.2008:

Al-Sahel Street

Beit Jala

Tel. 02-274 0711


Open daily from 10:30 a.m. till 02:00 a.m. or later

It’s a slow night, you’re up for adventure. Where do you go, what do you do? Head to Beit Jala and visit Taboo Café and Bar.

Nestled among bustling clothes shops and grocery stores, Taboo is fast becoming the trendy place to go to. Hidden inside a leafy garden patio, with plastic curtains that pull down during the rainy season and outdoor heaters for the colder months, anytime, night or day, is a fabulous time to go.

You can sample rainbow-coloured drinks and smoke delicious sheeshas in a sleekly-designed ambience with dimmed lights, reggae music, and candles and incense burning in various corners of the place. Various African artefacts adorn the walls. Bamboo fares prominently in the place, covering an entire wall and the bar.

Enjoy a selection of Mediterranean influenced treats such as stuffed olives, shrimps with hot garlic sauce or pizza Venetian style. The selection of dips is also good. For those with a bigger appetite, there is a selection of sandwiches and main dishes such as chicken breast and steak. Taboo also serves breakfast in the morning.

If you end up staying till late, which is easy to do, the funky tunes, backlit bar and decadent red interior provide the perfect backdrop to chat, chill out and sip on something truly special.

The trendy yet not overly loud or jaded scene makes this small cosy locale a unique place to add to one’s list of favourite places. Taboo organises special events. To find out about these and be included on their mailing list, send them an e-mail to the address listed above.


This Week in Palestine

February 2008

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