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Star Street

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 11.10.2006:

Star Street begins at Star Square, two minutes away from Manager Square, and continues to the site of the Wells of David. Leaving star Square, you turn to the right through the old town and continue through Qaus Az-Zararah, known as the oldest principal gate to the town. Below you, on the right is St. Joseph Secondary School for girls (1883). On the left there is the Greek Catholic Church. The stair way leads up to the Salesian Convent. Continuing on, you pass on the left the Convent of the Rosary Sisters, founded in 1893. This part of town is called Ras Efteis. A road on the right leads into the Catholic Action Club and the Wells of David. Below, on the Manager Street, the church and the school of the Syrian Catholics now run by the Dominican Sisters of Catherine of Siena. On the left the road leads to the shopping area of Manager Street.

[[picture:”qaus az-zararah 30.bmp” ID:2047]]

Qaus Az-Zararah

[[picture:”strairway to salesian convent.bmp” ID:2048]]

Stiarway to Salesian Convent

Source: A Guide to Bethlehem and its Surroundings by Sawsan and Qustandi Shomali.

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