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Share your experiences in researching your roots for possible inclusion in planned series of articles

Contributed by Leyla Zuaiter on 06.02.2006:

Are researching your Palestinian ancestors or trying to contact living Palestinian relatives? If so, we would be interested in hearing about your experiences for possible use in a number of planned articles on Palestinian Genealogy. Here is list of questions to get you started. Don’t be limited by them though:Where were you born and raised?Do you speak Arabic?Have you been to Palestine?What did you know about your Palestinian roots before conducting your research?What made you want to know more?How did you go about it?What problems or frustrations did you face?What were your successes and failures?What, in your view, is most needed to help Palestinians researching their roots?Send to Leyla Zuaiter at bethlehemgen@hotmail.comFor previous articles, see



on 14.02.2006

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Jodie Khourshid

on 18.02.2007

this is on behalf of my husband.
he was born and raised in kuwiat, cannot return to visit palistine due to the occupation, palastinian roots have been passed on by generation word of mouth.
we want to know more as we have two boys who we want to teach and pass on there heritage. we go about it by asking our parents. but problem is they are our only source of information nothing for the land.