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Series of Articles on Genealogy and Family History and its Importance to the Palestinian People

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 09.04.2012:


This series of articles on Genealogy and Family/Oral History, its importance for the Palestinian people, and its applications in education, tourism and community development was originally developed by Leyla Zuaiter for the Genealogy and Family History Webiste of the Arab Educational Institute-Open Windows (AEI) in Bethlehem. This followed a workshop presented by the author in the AEI’s 2005 Summer School of Communication entitled Exploring Your Personal and Cultural Identity through Family History and Genealogy. AEI understood the potential of this field in the support of Palestinian identity and its communication to outsiders. With the discovery of Palestine-family net, development of the Geneology site was abandoned in view of the huge potential and ease of use of in comparison with traditional sites.The AEI became the main local partner of;the Artas Folklore Center, with whom the Arab Educational Institute has a long history of working,in innovative cross disciplinary ways, also became a founding partner with a subsite of its own, making hundreds of contribution. A case study of how allowed a rural heritage center to overcome some of its limitations can be seen here. For more about the author’s journey into Palestinian Genealogy, read here.

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Ancestors of Fuad Giacaman, Director of Arab Educational Institute-Open Windows

“I didn’t have to look far when I wanted an old photo of a Bethlehem family when giving my workshop,”Exploring your Personal and Cultural Identity through Family History and Genealogy” at the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem. This photo of Director Fuad Giacaman’s ancestors was hanging right on the wall. How many more such photos are languishing in albums or rotting in drawers. Everyone take out those old shoeboxes and envelopes and scan your photos to preserve them for future generations. Then send them to other family members and contribute some to If anything should happen to your originals, at least you can get them back in digital form. Then put the photos in albums with acid-free paper. Those plastic slip-in type albums you may be using are the kiss of death.” Submitted by Leyla Zuaiter on 02.03.2006

Copyright (2006) Fuad Giacaman


The Lure of Family History and Genealogy

The Importance of Genealogy and Family History for the Palestinian People: Part I: Personal Benefits

The Importance of Genealogy and Family History for the Palestinian People: Part II Community Building

The Importance of Family History and Genealogy for the Palestinian People III: The International Stage

Applications of Genealogy Palestinian Family History, and Heritage

Developing Life Skills through Genealogy and Family History

Sample Educational Activities based on Family History and Genealogy

A Few Words of Warning and Advice

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