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Seeking original surname of Khader family in Bethlehem

Contributed by Jaime Cader on 20.12.2014:

My name is Jaime Cader and I live in California. My surname is comes from the name/surname Khader. However this is not the real surname of the family as many Middle Easterners took on other surnames in the Americas. I believe that it is possible that the original surname for this family from Bethlehem was Al Shamali (it could also be written as Asshimali). I am in touch with several Cader family members in El Salvador and elsewhere, most of them are actually descendants of this Palestinian family. I have been told that one way to get information is to check family trees from Bethlehem. One Khader was married to someone from the Atanas family and an Antonio Khader was married to a Graciela Zablah (I believe that I have her first name right). I have two photographs of Antonio Khader and Graciela Zablah. I also have the original passport of Katrina Khader who as I recall was married to an Atanas. The Khader family has an interesting story as they first immigrated to Barcelona, Spain first before they immigrated to El Salvador in the early 1900s. In Spain they obtained their Spanish citizenship and one Khader there married a Spanish-born Palestinian (whose origins were in Bethlehem) who was the daughter of the Turkish representative in Spain whose last name was Dawid (I believe that surname is pronounced Daweed). I am thinking that at least someone will have a Khader family member in their family tree. I do not believe that there are any Khaders left in Bethlehem, however they were related to a Freij family as my grandfather’s mother was Maryam Freij and I also have a photograph of her.


Marianna Flamenco Lugo

on 17.10.2019

Dear Jaime,

I have been helping my husband find his ancestry and it seems the you two might be related some how. He is descendant from Macos Cader and Clara David Deeck, who I am pretty sure is the representatives daughter. Obviously spelling gets jumbled through the years, but many of the points that you make line up with his family tree. He is from El Salvador, and I have traced it back to Marcos’s parents Abraham and Clara Maryam who got married in Bethlehem. Any further information is appreciated.


Jaime Cader

on 12.03.2021

Hello Mariana. I am sorry that it was only today that I saw your message. And I am in touch with some Flamenco Caders. That is interesting that the second name (I don’t know if it is a middle name or a surname) of Clara was Maryam. I hope that we stay in touch.