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“Seasons of Violet” By Rim Banna

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 23.06.2007:

Lovesongs from Palestine

“Seasons of Violet” – Lovesongs from Palestine is Palestinian singer Rim Banna’s new music album released by KKV, the Norwegian record and distribution company. The album has already achieved spectacular presence on the international and Arab music markets, following the success of the artist’s previous albums, “The Mirrors of My Soul,” “This Was Not My Story,” “Lullabies from the Axis of Evil,” and “Krybberom” (the manger) which was recorded with the Norwegian choir SKRUK and which is distributed and marketed by international world music companies. Banna’s albums are greatly admired by her fans as well.

The album includes 11 songs written by the Palestinian poets Zuhaira Sabbagh and Majed Abu Gosh. The music is composed by Rim Banna and Leonid Alexeienko, Banna’s husband. The CD is dedicated to all those who are touched by the flames of passionate love’s embers. The album is characterized by a new flavour of Palestinian love songs which shows the ability of art to translate love in a unique style.

The songs offer different views of passionate love, of nostalgia and yearning for the homeland. The song, “A Prayer” is shared with the Hindu monk Siddhartha Krishna from Rishikesh, India, whose rendering of a Hindu chant in Sanskrit with his charming and unique voice loaded with Sufism reveals intense spirituality and peacefulness, with Banna singing the Arabic verse of the Hindu chant. This imbues the track with a yearning for a real peace that is needed by the peoples of the universe. This combination also assures the unity and continuity of the Hindu and Arabian civilizations and the culture that is shared between them.

“Seasons of Violet” was recorded in Oslo, Norway, with the participation of the Norwegian musicians Eivind Aarseth on guitar, Gjermund Silset on double bass and bass guitar, Rune Arnesen on drums, percussion and programming, and David Wallumroed on piano and keyboards. Leonid Alexeienko, on acoustic guitar, also worked with the musicians on the musical arrangement of the songs. The album is produced by the well known Norwegian producer Erik Hillestad, who has produced three previous albums for Banna. He is one of the partners of KKV and is known for his solidarity with the Palestinian people and his stand against the occupation.

In addition to love songs, the album includes two songs dedicated to Palestinian refugees, based on old Palestinian folk verses.

Rim Banna is getting ready for her next music projects and concert tours in Palestine and around the world.


This Week in Palestine

June 2007

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