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Sayings about the Weather

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 23.01.2007:

The following are current sayings connected with the weather. They contain a clear idea about climatic conditions throughout the year. They also contain pieces of advice for farmers and travelers:

The Months:

1- January: Between the two Kanuns (December and January) do not travel, Oh you miserable man.

2- February: February the Striker, he climbs and strikes, but

the scent of summer is in it.

3- March: In March flowers blossom.

4- April: A drop in April is worth every stream that flows.

5- May: In May carry your sickle and raid.

6- June: In June the maize turns into bamboo.

7- July: In July water in the water jar boils.

8- August: In August pick the grapes fearlessly.

9- September: In September oil flows in olives.

10- October: In October the season of grapes and figs is over.

11- November: Between October and November there is another summer.

12- December: The sun of December resembles a plague.

Other Sayings Connected With the Weather:

– If it is foggy in the early mornings carry your stick and travel.

– If it is foggy in the evening, look for a warm cave.

– When a halo surrounds the sun it goes round, but the halo of the moon indicates rain is near.

– If clouds pass by in the sky, receive the good tidings of a good winter.

– When the rainbow appears, rain stops.

– On the feast of Ludd (St. George) plough and carve (the land). (Ludd is the name of a town.)

– Between Epiphany and Christmas do not travel Oh, wise man.

– At Christmas the cold greatly increases.

– At Epiphany half the cold dives (disappears).

Source:”Bethlehem, The Immortal Town” by Giries Elali

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