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RIWAQ – Center for Architectural Conservation

Contributed by Site Administraion 1 on 18.07.2005:

RIWAQ is a Palestinian organization that is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of historical, cultural, or significant architectural sites in Palestine. Many of Palestine’s architectural treasures are in a crumbling state of decay and ruin, primarily due to destruction caused by the fighting and warring within the country, uncertainties in how to properly care for and conserve the buildings, and a lack of public awareness of the educational, cultural, and historical value that these places can provide. RIWAQ works through research, series of seminars, lectures, and exhibitions and public awareness programs; apprenticeship programs; a forum for architects, artists, craftsmen; the RIWAQ library which specializes in traditional crafts and architecture; and an international research exchange network to try and preserve the architectural resources that Palestine offers while still discovering the many resources yet unfound. The RIWAQ home page, in addition to providing information about RIWAQ’s mission and activities, also allows the researcher access to the Birzeit University Palestinian Archive, provides updates and reports on ongoing excavations, and offers a guided tour of recent discoveries or museum exhibitions – presently, the tour focuses on a collection of Palestinian tiles. The RIWAQ home page was the Birzeit Webmaster’s 1996 Golden Olive Award. Meredith Campbell

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