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Contributed by Gabrielle O'Connor on 25.02.2008:

I want to find any relatives of my mother who was born in Jerusalem in 1898, Her father was Neguib Madi (or Mahdi or Ma’di) and her mother was Sabina Meena. I don’t know their parents’ name. Her father was governor of Galilee, stationed in Beisan (Beth Shean or (Beit Shan) and they lived also in Nazareth. She married (1st marriage) in about 1920, Bill Bedser, who was a British soldier after after the War. she came to Australia in about 1923. She was an only child but her mother adopted a boy in about 1910 but I don’t know his name. She had cousins in Nazareth and the name Kiyat or Kyatt is one of the cousins’ name. (Surname, I think) Hope someone can fill me in a little bit about her history or any relations in Palestine as I know very little about it as I was just not interested enough to ask her questions when I was young. And then, of course, it was too late.


Alexander Lawrence

on 15.03.2008

Hello Gabrielle,
The Mina Family is well known in Jerusalem, they have a Drugstore in the Old City / Jaffa Gate. Do you know which Church did your Grand Parents belong to. You write Neguib in the Egyptian way and the Mina family if I am not mistaken belongs to the Coptic Church in Jerusalem. Please confirm that they are Copt and somebody can check with the Church records

Gabrielle O'Connor

on 05.04.2008

Thank you so much for answering I thought my grandparents were married in the Greek Orthodox church in Jerusalem but it may have been the Coptic church. As I said I left it too late to ask questions
Thanks again, and best regards Gay O’Connor