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Qumbaz in the Gaza Region

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 21.07.2006:

The qumbaz was widely worn by men in Palestine. The most common materials in the Levant were striped silks.The garment opens right down the front and is fastened to one side of the center and then belted. Originally the cummerbund (hizam) was worn, cashmere in winter and silk or muslin in summer; later teacher belts became commonplace. Women also wore the qumbaz although the neckline would be lower and the sleeves slit to the elbow to show the undergarment. When working the women would hitch the end corners into their belts so showing the sometimes intricately embroidered trouser legs. Although the qumbaz has been going out of fashion for a long time, a few men still wear it and it is worn on special occasions.

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