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Proverbs On love, affection, marriage and progeny

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 30.01.2007:

– Affection is more potent than death.

– Love is blind.

– Your darling is your darling even though he is a black slave.

– The pretty one is beloved by God and people.

– Look for a husband for your daughter before you look for a bride for your son.

– He who marries the ugly person (lit. the monkey) for his wealth, the wealth goes away and the ugly person remains as he is.

– Your heart is your guide.

– The mare behaves according to its rider.

– Follow the road even though it winds; and marry your cousin even though she is a spinster.

– The cousin forces (the bride) down from the mare.

– The man collects and the woman builds.

– Worrying about daughters continues till death even though they are married brides.

– Two thirds of the boy take after his maternal uncle.

– He who has begotten children has not died.

– Marry the girls whose paternal aunts are well known for their goodness, (lit. from the paternal aunts1 breasts.)

– Turn the jar upside down, and the girl takes after her mother.

– He who loves a slave will adore him, and he who loves a stone will transport it.

– From the mud of your country smear your cheeks, i.e. marry from the girls of your country.

– The darnel of your country is better than the wheat of foreigners, i.e. marry a girl of your country rather than a foreigner.

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