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Proverbs on advising, guiding and predestination

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 30.01.2007:

On advising, guiding and warning

– Give your dough (lit. bread) to the baker even if he eats half of it.

– If he shakes hands with you, count your fingers.

– The snake never becomes a sister.

– Its (i.e. house, grove etc.) protector is its thief.

– The property of religious endowments demolishes the ceiling (i.e. if tampered with).

– Measure (the distance) before plunging.

– Kiss the dog from its mouth until you obtain what you want from him.

– Tie the donkey wherever his owner tells you.

– A concealed defeat is better than defeat and scandal.

– He whose house is built of glass does not throw stones.

– He who does not heed the elder’s advice will fall in the well.

– The palm cannot strike an awl.

– A free man’s promise is a debt to him.

– Slowness leads to security, speed to regret.

– Fear the place you trust.

– Do not betray those who trust you.

– The forsaken property teaches people to commit what is forbidden.

– Pass by your enemy when he is hungry; but do not pass by him when he is naked.

– The middle way is the best.

– Close the door from which the wind enters and be comfortable.

– None falls in the trap except the clever bird.

– Be on your guard against those to whom you have been charitable.

– Do not come near a scorpion but near the snake spread your mattress and sleep.

– We mounted him behind us but he stretched his hand to the saddle – bag.

– Your tongue is your protector, if you preserve it, it will preserve you; but if you betray it, it will betray you.

On predestination and judgments

– One cannot run away from what is destined (lit. written) to him.

– What is written on the forehead must be seen by the eye.

– How many sheep have gone before their mothers to the abattoir.

– Had it not been for breakages the pottery would not have prospered.

– The speech of villages does not agree with the speech of the palace.

– Reconciliation is the best of judgments.

– Every epoch has its state and men.

– The boys’ judge hanged himself.

– Nothing outweighs the pound except the pound and an ounce.

– He who has nothing to do makes a judge of himself.

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