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Projects of the Artas Folklore Center in Search of Partners

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 01.04.2012:

Artas has much to offer its partners – a beautiful location minutes from Bethlehem, a fascinating and heritage which at once represents Palestine while remaining unique, a prize-winning folklore troupe, a huge body of works to serve as raw material, a village house/museum, decades of experience, dedicated and hard-working individuals determined to preserve and promote its heritage, and a long record of overcoming various constraints in innovative ways. The Artas Folklore Center seeks partners who are able and willing to engage with it in an equal partnership on the basis of mutual respect and reciprocate its own spirit of cooperation and generousity. It is such partners who will get priority in any future projects, events and activities.

Contact us for more information or to request an information package about Artas and its list of projects in need of partners.

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Ramadan Iftar at the Artas Folklore Center 2006

The Arab style room is overflowing with friends, funders and partners, actual or potential of the Artas Folklore Center, so some guests ate western-style at tables arranged around another room. It is hard to pick out some of the natural shelves in the room, such as the rocky ledge holding an old radio.The glow comes from the guests rather than the dim light, which casts an air of intrigue to the cozy and convivial scene. And that’s as it should be, for this was once the village guesthouse. Insha’allah, hosting guests for festive meals such as this one will be a regular item on the menu of activities planned by the Artas Folklore Center.

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