Ibrahim Haddad, industrialist

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 28.10.2008:

A self-made man, ambitious, creative and adventurous, Ibrahim Haddad has built an empire in Jenin, overcoming obstacles and never ceding to the calamities that befell both Palestine and especially Jenin in the last eight years.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, and carrying on their surname legacy (Haddad means blacksmith in Arabic), Ibrahim Haddad continued in (...)

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Musakhkhan- وصفة المسخن الفلسطيني

Contributed by Mom Blogger on 25.11.2007:

A short note: do not miss out on watching the video. the URL for the video is:

OR you can look it up by searching on youtube with my user name there cookingtheeasyway

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Musakhkan – Bread, Baked Chicken and Onions with Sumac(...)

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Canaan Fair Trade – Jenin

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 24.11.2007:

A Warm Hello from Jenin, Palestine

Based in Jenin, Palestine, Canaan Fair Trade sells the delicacies produced by over 1,700 small farmers organized in informal cooperatives and represented by the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA). We supply bulk as well as finished and packaged goods to Europe, North America and the Middle East. All of our products are offered with a Palestinian (...)

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Tel Dothan (Jenin)

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 26.09.2006:

Tel Dothan (Dothan mount) lies to the east of the Nablus-Jenin road, overlooking the Arrabeh plain on the east, one of the most fertile lands in Palestine. It is considered by historians to be the site of a city, particularly due to the regular water source there mentioned in Aramic sources as one of the sites that the Aramians took over. In Greek and Roman sources it is referred to as Dothia(...)

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