Family home in northeastern

Contributed by Kathy Kenny on 08.07.2009:

Former home of Kabande (Khawandeh) family in San Pedro de las Colonias, Coahuila, Mexico. My grandmother, Katrina Saade Kabande, moved there in 1914 from Bethlehem. There was a sizeable Palestinian community in this cotton-growing area of northeastern Mexico at the time. The Kabandes(...)

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Holy City Bazaar, Long Beach, California circa 1915

Contributed by Kathy Kenny on 07.07.2009:

Bethlehemites Jamil Afana, Jamileh Saade Afana and son George Afana at their store, the Holy City Bazaar, Long Beach, CA USA

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The Shoes (Jabra Ibrahim Jabra’s boyhood in Bethlehem)

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 30.05.2009:

Bethlehem, 1920s

During Christmas we received presents at the Monastery. Father Domaggi told us how happy he was with our presence at the monastery and our regular attendance at church. Father Odeh told us that Jesus was exactly like us. He was poor, and he was destitute. When he grew up, he walked in the streets of Bethlehem and Nazareth and Jerusalem barefoot like us. Father Domaggi(...)

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Permiso de Salida y Regreso para Palestinos – 1936

Contributed by Nasif Masad on 11.04.2009:

Permiso de Salida y Regreso otorgado a 
Don Shukry Ibrahim Nassar, un palestino de Belén y traductor oficial en los tribunales palestinos.

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