Sixty years ago in Battir

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 07.05.2008:

Reprinted from The Electronic Intifada website:

Sixty years ago in Battir, my small hillside village near Jerusalem, I witnessed the chaotic collapse of the British Mandate administration in Palestine and the beginning of the Nakba.

The previous months had been decisive ones for the fate of Palestine, although we did not (...)

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I Was Born In War. I Have Lived In War. And I Feel That I Will Die In War.

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Amal Owaineh

My grandfather is a great man. He is an educator but not like a teacher at school; he got his education through the school of his life. He was born in 1926 during the British period; afterwards he lived the Jordanian and now the Israeli period. I like spending my spare time chatting with him. He tells me wonderful stories full of history and lessons of life. With the help (...)

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