The Story of Saint Barbara

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 30.08.2006:

With the destruction of the remains of the shrine of Saint Barbara in Aboud, the last vestiges of this legendary figure in the Holy Land have been destroyed. But many people in Palestine do not know the feast known as Eid El-Burbara, celebrated on December 16th every year, is actually the feast of Saint Barbara.

Traditionally, a sweet pudding-like dish known as burbara is prepared by (...)

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Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 11.07.2006:

'Allar علار

('Allar al-Fawqua)


Distance from Jerusalem (km): 17.5

Average location: 675

Land ownership in 1944/45:

Arab: 12,353

Jewish: 0

Public: 3

'Allar Before 1948:

The village stood on the northeastern slope of a mountain range and overlooked a tributary of W(...)

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