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PFN at Educational conference in Bethlehem

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 19.03.2006:

PALESTINE FAMILY NET ATCONFERENCE PALESTINE AND EDUCATION 8/9 APRIL 2006 Strategies for Empowerment under Extreme Adversity Organization: AEI-Open Windows, Venue: International Center of Bethlehem Provisional ProgramIntroduction The conference Palestine and Education is prepared by Palestinian university staff, school teachers, and international educators. The conference discusses educational strategies to confront and challenge the major adversities that Palestinian education faces, such as disruption of education, restrictions on the freedom of movement, violence in and outside schools, the impact on education of traumatic experiences, and school drop-outs. The conference will bring out and discuss bottom-up models of best practice that exist – as rays of hope – among school communities in some regions of Palestine. In doing so, the conference will focus on initiatives of teachers, administrators, parents as well as students. International guests will provide a comparative framework. Some special attention will be devoted to educational technologies such as user friendly websites.Sunday 9 April10:30-11:00 Palestine-Family.Net: How a community website can support Palestinian education in the new technological era. Visual presentation by James Prineas (Australia/Germany) and Leyla Zuaiter (Jerusalem)Support The conference is made possible by support from the Dutch organizations Novib and Edukans.AEI-Open Windows, Bethlehem, Tel: 02-2744030, Fax: 02-2777554,

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