Jerusalem…The east side story (2007) – Film

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 02.11.2007:

Dispossession, Occupation, and a Challenge to Survive

By Sam Bahour

October 2007

Was it sheer coincidence, sad irony, or just another day in Palestinian life under Israeli military occupation? It was hard to tell. My father and I drove through the last Israeli checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem while heading to the Palestinian National Theatre at the invitation of (...)

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Contributed by Fayez (Frank) Nasser on 14.10.2007:

The inhabitants of Bethlehem were, since ancient times, and still are, divided into 8 clans (Harat).

Each clan (Hara) consists of a group of families, some of which are original inhabitants and others who chose to join a particular clan. The voting or electoral rolls of Bethlehem are grouped accordingly up to present times.

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