The Jerusalemite family of Quttainah

Contributed by Dr. Mohammed Quttainah on 13.09.2006:

The Jerusalemite family of Quttainah


Written by:

Majdi Anwar Quttainah, PhD

Mona Anwar Quttainah, MD

Edited by:

Anwar Mohammed Quttainah, CFPA

Naela Awni Quttainah, BA

Mohammed Anwar Quttainah, MD

Compiled by:

Husam Abdul Hafith Quttainah, BSc


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Wasif Jawhariyyeh: diary book

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 20.06.2006:

A Colourful Personality of a Bygone Era

The recent publication of the Jawhariyyeh memoirs on Ottoman Jerusalem is an occasion to highlight the life of an eccentric and profoundly original citizen of the Holy City. Wasif Jawhariyyeh (1898-1972) was one of Jerusalem's most illustrious citizens: composer, oud player, poet, and chronicler. Jawhariyyeh's memoirs span a period of sixty year(...)

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