Sharif Kanaana, anthropologist and folklorist

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 09.12.2006:

Professor Sharif Kanaana is an anthropologist, folklorist, researcher, and educator of international renown. Throughout a career dedicated to researching issues relating to Palestinian society, heritage, and recent history, he has published some 20 books and 50 essays in scholarly publications and has presented approximately 50 papers at conferences around the world.

Professor Kanaana (...)

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Hanna Giacaman, heritage keeper

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 09.12.2006:

Hanna Giacaman 1922–2006 Homage to a Heritage Keeper

By Leyla Zuaiter

Whenever I sat with the late Hanna Abdullah Giacaman in his Bethlehem home, I would wait for the story about the shoes. His shrunken body would lean forward as animatedly as that of a boy, and fixing me with his earnest eyes, he would excitedly commence his tale, "Two women at a wedding are eying each other’s (...)

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My Olive Tree – poem by Hanna Issa

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 17.11.2006:

By Hanna Issa

A sacred vow embellished on your veil,

Which lends your gentle branches poise and grace;

Emblem of peace, and charm for restless souls,

Reposeful - soothing is your kind embrace.

Even your respiration smells of oil,

The olive oil that feeds the Sacred flame;

Your light in temple lanterns pure, divine,

Endures - Thine consec(...)

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Lepers, Lunatics and Saints

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 02.10.2006:

Jerusalem Quarterly File

issue 20, published in Winter 2004

The Nativist Ethnography of Tawfiq Canaan and his Jerusalem Circle

by Salim Tamari

The separation of Arab and Jewish lepers in the Talbieh Leprosarium, during the war of 1948, marked one of those defining moments in the annals of Jerusalem and the Arab-Israeli conflict. It signalled a turning point (...)

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Hanna Safieh 1910-1979, photographer

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 21.09.2006:

Hanna Safieh was born in Jerusalem in 1910 to a Palestinian Arab family. Shortly after starting work as a photographer, Safieh found employment at the American Colony photography department. This department, one of the earliest photography establishments in Palestine, was founded in 1898 to meet the growing demand for pictures from the Holy Land. It was at the American Colony that Safieh met(...)

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Hanna Rock and his Family in Bethlehem

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 14.07.2006:

Hanna Rock and his Family in 1912 (Bethlehem)

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Wasif Jawhariyyeh: diary book

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 20.06.2006:

A Colourful Personality of a Bygone Era

The recent publication of the Jawhariyyeh memoirs on Ottoman Jerusalem is an occasion to highlight the life of an eccentric and profoundly original citizen of the Holy City. Wasif Jawhariyyeh (1898-1972) was one of Jerusalem's most illustrious citizens: composer, oud player, poet, and chronicler. Jawhariyyeh's memoirs span a period of sixty year(...)

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Bethlehem history – from 19th century on

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 30.05.2006:


(see the previous item "Bethlehem History - until 19th century" for the earlier history of Bethlehem)

The 19th century was a time of momentous changes in Bethlehem. The French revolution of the late 18th century promulgated the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity. Napoleon applied them to serve expansionist European wars. Due to the introduct(...)

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Sample Educational Activities based on Family History and Genealogy

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 02.03.2006:

Activities/Units (based on Bethlehem area)

Age group

Resources Available

Relation to other activities

Discuss sources of identity and how they vary for local and Diaspora Palestinians

Can be adapted to fit age

Worksheet Available

Discuss importance of knowledge of heritage and history for Palestinians

Can be adapted to fit age


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Maha Saca holds the book of Heritage Keeper Hanna Giacaman

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 27.02.2006:

Maha Saca calls attention to an important book on the history and genealogy of Bethlehem's families (in Arabic) by Hanna Giacamman, (seated on the right) to the women's group of the Arab Educational Institute (AEI) in Bethlehem. The women visited her on a fieldtrip for their workshop "Exploring your Personal(...)

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