Why St George is a Palestinian hero

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 25.04.2014:

BBC 22 April 2014 Last updated at 23:14 GMT

By Yolande Knell BBC News


As England celebrates the day of its patron saint, many Palestinians are gearing up for their own forthcoming celebrations of the figure they also regard as a hero.

A familiar flag flaps in the wind above a Palestinian church in the West Bank village of a(...)

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Fifty youth stories from Bethlehem and Ramallah

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 25.10.2013:

These are fifty stories written down this year by Palestinian youth from the Bethlehem and Ramallah areas. They appear now (summer 2013) on so-called Wall posters attached to the Apartheid Wall in Bethlehem around Rachel's Tomb.

Arab Educational Institute

1. The Box

Two neighbors, Muslims and Christians, came together after Ramadan in a friendly atmosphere. During their f(...)

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The Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival April 12-15, 2007

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 30.03.2012:

The Artas Valley became a giant salad bowl during the four-day Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival which took place April 12-15, 2007. To the lettuce in the hothouses were added peppery poetry, a zest of zajjel and a lot more than a dash of debka, and, yes some salt in the wounds alluded to in the dramatic performances. To help digest their meal, the guests sauntered around the exhibits,(...)

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Sumud and the Wall conference

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 12.11.2011:


30 April - 1 May, 2010

Conference program

Venue: Bethlehem University, Furno Hall

Initiators: Oxford Brookes University (UK), Paris-Est University (France) and the Arab Educational Institute (Palestine)

Academic partners: Al-Quds Open University and Bethlehem University (Palestine) and Utrecht University (Netherlands)



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Juan (Hanna) Michael Canahuati, entrepreneur

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 01.11.2011:

By George Al Ama and Nada Atrash

TWIP November 2011

Although, according to unofficial statistics, the Arab population in Honduras (most of which are of Palestinian origin) does not exceed 3 per cent of the six million inhabitants, they have contributed enormously to the economy, politics, and culture in their new country. To mention a few, the previous president, Carlos Roberto (...)

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Aida Kattan (5): Nuzha, the summer picnic

Contributed by Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program on 28.08.2009:

Aida Kattan is teacher from Beit Jala.

Fifty, sixty years ago, inhabitants of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour, and also from Jerusalem, came over and visited the countryside here for a long picnic. Then the majority of the townspeople went out. Everybody in Beit Jala went for instance to the Maghrour [the countryside west of Beit Jala] or Sharafeh [further in the direction of Jeru(...)

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The story of Abde and Dale Family in Chile

Contributed by Nasif Masad on 28.02.2009:

" Esta foto tomada en Chile, corresponde al matrimonio: Garo Abde Adam y Faride Dale Bamardi, ambos venian de Jerusalem.

Garo nació en 1892, en Esfes, norte de Irak, y muy pequeño, emigra con sus padres y hermanos de su pueblo nata(...)

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