Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 18.02.2006:

The following is a folklore version of a narrative told in the Koran, relayed by Moslems from Al-Khader (the village to the south-west of Bethlehem were Al-Khader, or St George, is said to have been born).

The story is about Musa (or Moses), the Great Lawgiver, who sometimes had difficulties understanding the dealings of the divine Providence, and then asked Allah for advice. Allah sen(...)

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Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 18.02.2006:

To understand Arab and Palestinian food traditions it is important to go back to one of the roots of Arabic culinary culture: Bedouin life. Traditionally, Middle Eastern Bedouin followed a nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyle. They lived in tents made of camel or goat hair. The Bedouin in the Negev tended sheep and camels which provided them with cheese, butter and yoghurt. The yoghurt was dried(...)

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Shelves of Memories – by Leyla Zuaiter

Contributed by Ibrahim Marazka on 17.11.2005:

The Educational Bookshop

Shelves of Memories, Shelves of Dreams

By Leyla Zuaiter

Entering the Educational Bookshop at 22 Salaheddin Street, I am embraced by almost twenty years of Jerusalem memories. Lined up neatly like books on the shelves are the milestones of the first Intifada, the hesitant hope of Oslo, the exciting build-up to Bethlehem 2000, the heartbreak(...)

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