Life Stories

The Hamdan Family in Anata

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 19.07.2007:

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Hassan Yussef Hamdan is a gracious 67 year old man from Anata. We met him

last year at a shop in Anata, and he walked us to the house where he is temporarily living. He wore a red keffiyeh and a long white cloak, and walked with a noticeable limp. Hassan Yussef introduced us to his wife, Nashia Imam, 53, an outspoken woman making the m(...)

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ظاهرة المقهى الرياضي

Contributed by National Council For Development NCD on 04.02.2007:

بعد انتشار ظاهرة المقاهي الرياضيه ،كان لابد لنا من السؤال عن سبب انتشارها ،ولماذا يبتعد الرياضيون عن ريادة الانديه ومتابعة الرياضه الفلسطينيه ،فذهبنا لعمل زياره خاطفه لمقهى فوانيس ،مكان تجمع الرياضيين من مشجعي الفريق الملكي ريال مدريد ومشجعي الفريق الكتلوني برشلونه ،وفي سهرة كرويه لمتابعة مباراة البرشا وفريق ساتا فيغا ،اغتنمت بوابة فلسطين الرياضيه الفرصه،للتعرف على رواد المقهى الذي كان يعج با(...)

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Sports Cafe: Sport culture, fruitful discussion groups, Palestinian football in danger, Freedom of media and transperancy

Contributed by National Council For Development NCD on 04.02.2007:

Hebron (Khaled Alkawasmeh) – There has been a recent increase in the spread of sports cafes and the popularity of international sports team. This raised a question, why this happened? Why dont Palestinian people follow the local sport and dont follow with local clubs?

We went on a visit to one of the Sport Cafe, Fwanees cafe, the place where the supporters of the royal team Real Madrid(...)

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Extended Families of Beit Sahour

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 23.01.2007:

Christian Extended Families:

-Al-Qazaha Extended Family:

In 1975 the number of its members was 2589. In includes the families of Al-Qassis, Qumsiyyah, Abu Farhah, Musallam, Rishmawi, Al-Khury, Nasr, 'Issa Zakhariyyah, Hanunah, Ishaq, Farah, Abu 'Aitah Al-Khury, Hilal, Al-Atrash, Al-Yatim.

-Al-Marashdah Extended Family:

The number of its members is 2589. It i(...)

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Tribal Quarters at Bethlehem

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 23.01.2007:

Tribal quarters began to exist a long time ago after groups from the people of the country gathered together in housing complexes suitable to the conditions of their social life. Every quarter had a yard (guest-house) where the men of the quarter gathered together to discuss the affairs of their livelihood, their business and private matters. They spent the evening pleasantly chatting or list(...)

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A romance in Beit Sahour

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 16.07.2006:

A love under fire

It is a romance intertwined with the formation of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in the West Bank village of Beit Sahour, the shepherds' fields of the Christmas story.

Both were born in the US: she is Palestinian, he is Jewish. As the ISM has come into the firing line, so their affair has endured hunger strike and deportation. They tell their story(...)

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Street Vendor

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 31.05.2006:

By Suha Sabbagh

Times are changing in Jerusalem. Close by Damascus Gate, in the open stall bazaar or Peddlers' Market, a woman from Gaza is selling women's undergarments. Um Hatem is a new breed of vendor, one of a rising group of women involved in self-generating income initiatives, which are fast becoming a feature of the market economy.

How does the image of Jerusalem rank on(...)

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Coffee Shop Owner

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 31.05.2006:

By Majda Batsh

Mulki Suleiman

Jessica Jacobs

Each Friday morning and afternoon, a number of old Palestinian men who have come for Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque gather at Haj Siyam's coffee shop. Dressed in traditional robes and keffiyehs, they spend hours in the coffee shop near Atareen Market (the Old City spice market), drinking coffee, smoking argileh (water pipe) a(...)

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Paper Salesman

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 31.05.2006:

By Rana Anani

At the corner of Nablus Road and the Sultan Suleiman Boulevard, across from Damascus Gate, stands the most famous newspaper kiosk in Jerusalem.

For over 50 years, Jerusalemites have been accustomed to the sight of Um'eir Da'na (Abu Salaam) selling papers to passersby. Sixty-six-year-old Abu Salaam has been selling newspapers since the age of seven. Born to a poor f(...)

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Maisa Khreimi: Working under the Shadow of the Wall

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 23.05.2006:


The following interview by Mirvet Giacaman is with a young secretary working at a factory in Beit Jala to the west of Bethlehem. The factory borders the Wall. "How can you keep up with your responsibilities?" That's what Palestinian women in Palestine ask themselves. The economy has collapsed. There is an unemployment which sometimes reaches 50 percen(...)

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