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Palestinians From Acre / Akka

Contributed by Mahmoud Elewa on 28.02.2010:

Hello i would like to meet Palestinians who are from Akka or have Ancestral Origins in Acre.


rik sub

on 18.04.2011

My parents were born and raised in AKKA and went to Syria and Lebanon in 1948 (were not married at that time). Eventually, they settled in Saudi Arabia where I was born and prior to my move to the US couple decades ago. I went to AKKA in 1998 and I was able to find some family members with not much information about them. Very special place/people…

Kimberly Castagnier

on 03.01.2021

My great grandparents migrated from Akka in 1905 to the US. I have been piecing together the family tree. The last names are Khammar and Abu Saif. I am not sure of the English spelling of Abu Saif I know the name means Father of the Sword. I would love any information anyone may have or how or where I can get the information. Thank you in advance.