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Palestinian stories about the preciousness of the small

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 04.09.2006:

There are many sayings and stories in Palestinian folklore that testify to the preciousness of the small. Stories tend to illuminate the difference between the “small,” precious gesture and the “big,” empty one. The sheikh who gives just one of his old, gray and valuable hairs as credit for a loan is more reliable than the sheikh who gives away his whole beard. Similarly, the old peasant who promises the king to cultivate a fig tree over many years so as to be able to give the king a few precious figs is gracefully thanked and rewarded when the occasion arrives. On the other hand, the one who, upon hearing this old man’s fortunes, quickly handed over baskets of figs to the king in the expectation of being rewarded even more is being pelted by his own fruits.


Bethlehem Community Book, AEI-Open Windows, Bethlehem, 1999

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