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Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 06.12.2007:

What a beautiful word.

What a beautiful place.

Poised with dignity.

Full of grace.

The people, they suffer.

Individually they need.

Yet together they stand

And united they bleed.

Their land was once green

Fertile and giving.

Now it is lost

Yet still they keep living.

Their children are born

They are born un-free

They dream of a future

Where they might see the sea

But hard is their struggle

And alone they must stand.

They may be oppressed

Yet they won’t leave their land.

The future seems dim

But to them it is bright.

They will return to their land

For this is their right.

Ramsey Ben-Achour

Ramsey Ben-Achour is an American Tunisian working in Ramallah. One of his hobbies is writing poetry. He has fallen in love with Palestine and has written this poem about his love.


This Week in Palestine

December 2007

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