Back to overview at the Twelfth Artas Annual Lettuce Festival Thursday, April 6 and Friday, April 7

Contributed by Leyla Zuaiter on 19.03.2006:

What happens when a high-tech family history Internet site meets an ancient Palestinian village at a traditional local festival? Come and see for yourselves. In addition to the usual folklore, hiking, and handicrafts exhibits, the Twelfth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival will include an exhibit about and highlight the hope it offers to rural heritage centers and the Palestinian people as a whole. founder James Prineas, is coming to Palestine at his personal expense to take part in the the Festival and the Arab Educational-Institute-Open Windows conference “Palestine and Education: Strategies of Empowerment under Extreme Adversity.” To learn more about the promise of Palestine-family net, for developing rural heritage centers, read: why wait for the festival? You can get a taste of what Artas has to offer right here. Just type “Artas” in the search box above and see what comes up.For more information, contact: Leyla Zuaiter; 673 43 07; 052 2 292 782

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