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Need Help to find Family

Contributed by Jorge  Miguel Bigit   ( Bakhit ) on 09.10.2010:

I need help understanding the origin of my name, my name is Jorge Bigit born in El Salvador, my grandparents came from Palestine to Central America and South America that was in 1910 they arrived in El Salvador. My grandfather’s name was Salvador Bigit Giacoman and my grandmother was Helen Selman Manzur. From what I know they were from Bethlehem and the parents of my grandfather, Jerie Bakhit Saleh, died 15th of July 1956 and Jamileh Elias el-Alam, born in 1889, Died in 1953. do not know if anyone knows if there are still family. In 1987 I visited my aunt in Bethlehem and is no longer returned to have none of it his name is Graciela Manzur Selman, but I thank you for some information on the family Bakhit and if they are related or are of the same family, as in El Salvador’s name is Bigit and the Family in Chile is Bijit. Thanks for your support or help to find out about my roots.Best regards,Jorge bigit


Mercedes Barrera

on 26.10.2012

hello, my name is mercedes Bonilla, I write you because, maybe the my father in law great grand mother and your family are family, her name was Carmen Bigit, she was married with Salvador David, they came from palestina, and they lived in Santa Ana, his grand mother was Catalina David Bigit she was Arried with Bishara Abujalil.
i’m in like Bonilla tree family


on 01.07.2020

Hi, my grandmother is Graziella Bakhit. Her maiden name is Graziella jacaman. She was married to Alfonse Bakhit. Hey are both from Palestine and moved to the US in 1956. They both have family in Chile and El Salvador. My grandmothers brother Usef Jacaman lived in El Salvador.

Helen Lueg born selman

on 10.11.2020

I was born in Chile . ma father in Palestina , I am born Helen Selman , I am a German citizen now , and just remember that my father did told me about my beautiful grandmother that I never meet her. I am a medical doctor , living in Germany and USA , I dont want to have any contact to Chile .


on 12.11.2020

Hello! My relatives were Selman’s who ended up in Chile. Simon Domingo Selman.

Jorge Bigit/ Bakhit

on 01.12.2020

Mi familia salio de Belén y en una visita que hice logre conocer a mi tía Abuela asi como a 2 primas solo recuerdo el nombre de 1 Roula Nosta Manzur y mi tía abuela Graciela Manzur Selman ella trabajaba en un hospital y quisiera saber si alguien conoce a mis primas o como encontrarlas/ubicar se lo agradecería mucho, la otra hermana de mi abuela se llamaba Maria Manzur Selman de Manzur vivía en chile y ya falleció al igual que mi abuela Elena Manzur selman de Bigit/Bakhit, mi abuelo Julio Bigit/Bakhit Giacoman saludos y mis mejores deseos desde El Salvador


on 24.04.2022

Hi Jorge,

Are you related to Gladys Bigit and Rene Zablah?