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National Council for Development (NCD)

Contributed by National Council For Development NCD on 21.10.2006:


National Council for Development (NCD) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization, registered by the Palestinian Authority under the No. HB-518-88. NCD is designed to respond to priority Palestinian NGOs needs. NCD is community development based organization working to sustain comprehensive development. NCD give the priority to those who live in neglected areas, poor people and people of special needs.

The aim of NCD is to strengthen the capabilities of Palestinian NGOS and local community.

General Objective:

• Human Resources Development

• Increase Palestinian local community and NGOs leadership to respond to citizens needs properly.

• to develop and increase the participation of youth and women in social , cultural and economic development .

• improving the quality of Palestinian life

• working to transfer information technology in human Resources development sector

• searching for funds to support NGOs projects and programs

• working in linking and networking Palestinian NGOs and social organization

• Organizing workshops and seminars which satisfy the needs of the community in different sectors

• participating in setting solutions to problems which community suffer from.

NCD is aiming at sustainable Comprehensive Development to all sectors through solving the problems of poverty and unemployment.

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