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Musa Sanad, Visionary Founder of the Artas Folklore Center

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 07.04.2012:

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The recent history of Artas falls into two periods marked by the death of Musa Sanad, founder of the Artas Folklore Center.Musa Sanad began the work of the Artas Folklore Centre 20 years before fulfilling his dream of opening the Artas Folklore Center. Read about the inspiring achievements of this man who used ingenuity to overcome the many obstacles and lack of resources. He created a village festival and promoted hiking and cultural tourism decades before the rest.

Musa Sanad 1949 – 2005A Modern Day

Palestinian Folk Hero(abridged version)

This Week in Palestine; Issue No. 83, March 2005

Longer Version

What made a school teacher dedicate his life to preserving the family history and heritage of the lovely village of Artas, just south of Bethlehem? Find out why and get an idea of just how much there was to preserve.

See a Timeline of Musa Sanad’s Accomplishments 1972-2005

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