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Mission Statement of Artas Folklore Center

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 19.04.2012:

One of the first cultural centers to be licensed by the Palestinian Authority, the Artas Folklore Center, established in 1993, is at the forefront of innovative projects to preserve the living legacy of one of the oldest, most beautiful and most documented villages in Palestine, located at a crossroads of civilizations and ecosystems. Through its research center, tourism, recreation and community outreach programs, it strives to document, preserve and promote the rich natural and cultural heritage of the beautiful village of Artas and pass it on to new generations of local and foreign visitors.

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Taboun in Front of the Artas Folklore Center

Taboun is the name for both the oven and the bread made on this oven, buried inside an underground vessel filled with hot pebbles, giving it its typical look.

The oven used to serve as the social center of village women. This oven, owned by the Artas Folklore Center, is shared by others, following tradition.

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